SANFS Maestro: A SAN File System Planner

Manual planning of storage infrastructures that are large and that utilize heterogeneous devices has become a time consuming and error prone process. This problem becomes even more complex when one is designing storage area network file system (SAN FS) based storage solutions. SAN FS systems that combine the benefits of both SAN and network attached (NAS) systems have been proposed as a mechanism for designing scalable storage infrastructures. This paper proposes a SAN FS capacity planning tool that takes application level requirements, best practices, and other types of policy input to design the necessary SAN FS logical and physical constructs. The planning tool can be used to design both new SAN FS deployments or extend existing SAN FS deployments. By automating the design process, this tool helps to cut down on the amount of time and the number of designers required to design large scale storage infrastructures. Finally, there currently do not exist any planning tools for SAN file systems, and thus, this is the first paper in this regard.

By: Aameek Singh; Kaladhar Voruganti; Sandeep Gopisetty; Aki Fleshler; Ramani Routray; Chung-hao Tan

Published in: RJ10337 in 2005


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