Extraction of eps(f) and tand(f) for BT Insulator up to 30 GHz Using the Short-Pulse Propagation Technique

The self- consistent frequency-dependent dielectric constant, er(f), and dielectric loss, tand(f), are determined over the range 2 to 30 GHz using a short-pulse propagation technique and an iterative extraction based on a rational function expansion. Simulations of signal propagation on printed circuit board wiring using transmission-line models based on these results show very good agreement with measured step and pulse time-domain excitations.

By: Thomas-Michael Winkel, Gerard V. Kopcsay, Christopher W. Surovic, Barry J. Rubin, George A. Katopis, Bruce J. Chamberlin, Alina Deutsch

Published in: Electrical Performance of Electrical Packaging. Piscataway, NJ, , IEEE. , p.235-8 in 2003

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