Measurements of Carrier Transport in MOSFETs with Bottom-up Nanowire Channel as a Function of the Nanowire Diameter

We establish that bottom-up, vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) grown silicon nanowires can be used to build MOSFETs with characteristics and performance equivalent to contemporary planar FETs. Since VLS nanowires have smoother surfaces and more uniform diameters as compared to top-down fabricated nanowires, we studied the carrier transport in n-FET and p-FET channels made with VLS nanowires having channel diameters down to 3.5 nm.

By: G. M. Cohen; S. Bangsaruntip; S. Laux; M. J. Rooks; J. Cai; L. Gignac

Published in: 2008 66th Annual Device Research Conference (DRC)University of California, Santa Barbara, California, p.187-8 in 2008

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