IBM SmartSCOR - A SCOR Based Supply Chain Transformation Platform through Simulation and Optimization Techniques

Identified as a strategic area, supply chain transformation plays a critical role in today’s IBM business. In this paper, we introduce an effort in IBM Research Division named SmartSCOR, which provides a comprehensive framework and methodology for On-Demand SCM problem-solving based on the cross-industry process standard Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and a variety of simulation/optimization techniques. SmartSCOR sees transformation in two different levels, from supply chain strategy design/redesign to supply chain process improvement. Supply chain strategy design/redesign transforms a supply chain in a fundamental manner by means of manufacturing and distribution network reconfiguration, value chain integration, etc. Supply chain process improvement helps align the underlying business processes to strategy setting and get them streamlined. The two levels interact with each other and result in a profound while smooth transformation. SmartSCOR has been successfully applied in two supply chain transformation projects for validation and hardening.

By: Jin Dong; Hongwei Ding; Changrui Ren; Wei Wang

Published in: RC23986 in 2006


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