Towards a Real-Time Ad-Hoc Intelligent Collaboration in a Pervasive Environment

We propose an intelligent collaboration service we call ICS which integrates several technologies and methodologies to enable ad-hoc collaboration among parties in a certain organization or working place. We use a rule-based situation management system capable of real-time massive event processing which accepts events to drive a notification mechanism, in order to establish collaborative situations among parties, within a pervasive environment. Looking at the medical care environment, we present a case study, provide a rationale and offer a problem model for this case in which an ICS can be deployed. Based on that, we assess the technological feasibility and the need, which can be also applied onto other domains which would be even more demanding than the medical health environment.

By: Uri Shani; Ziva Sommer; David Botzer

Published in: H-0249 in 2005


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