Color and Luminance Management for High-Resolution Liquid-Crystal Displays

A new method of color management is described which takes advantage of the high pixel density achievable with TFTLCDs. In this method, a calibration 10-bit look-up-table can be loaded into the monitor and implemented as a 2x2 spatial dither block to provide a 10-bit color palette for 8-bit color drive. Other sub-pixel dithering techniques are also described for monochrome and color high-resolution TFTLCDs. These techniques can create a very large palette, and combined with a 10-bit digital data source to achieve precise luminance and color calibration.

By: Steven L. Wright, Steven E. Millman, Chai Wah Wu, Paul F. Greier, K Yamauchi, K Numano, K Sumiyoshi, asunori Hanabuchi, akashi Miyamoto

Published in: RC22680 in 2002


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