Focusing Properties of Micron-Sized Immersion Lenses

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We report here on the focusing properties of a two-electrode electrostatic immersion lens of micron dimensions that is combined with the electron point source. Depending on the mode of operation of the lens, the resulting focused electron beam can have an energy as low as 15~eV if the lens is used in the decelerating mode, or an energy of typically 200~eV if the lens is used in the accelerating mode. We will also present results of using the focused beam in a TEM setup as well as in the scanning mode.

By: Heinz Schmid, Hans Werner Fink, Christoph Schiller (Philips Res. Lab, Eindhoven, Neth.) and Theo L. vanRooy (Philips Res. Lab., Eindhoven, Neth.)

Published in: Review of Scientific Instruments, volume 67, (no 2), pages 375-7 in 1996

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