Using slicing to extract online services from batch programs

Transaction processing a key constituent of the IT workload
for commercial enterprises (e.g., banks, insurance companies). Even to-
day, in many large enterprises transaction processing is done by legacy
batch applications, that run offline and process accumulated transac-
tions. Identifying independent services from these batch applications is
a hard problem the enterprises are grappling with, and one without sat-
isfactory automated solutions.
In this paper we propose a novel static-analysis-based solution to the
problem of identifying transaction processing loops in batch programs
that can bedeserialized, to yield services that are invocable online. Our
solution is based on a combination of detecting conditional code exe-
cution regions, backward slicing, and parallelizability detection, and is
well suited to the idioms commonly exhibited by batch programs. We
evaluate our solution in the context of a case study.

By: Komondoor Raghavan, Krishna Nandivada Venkata, Saurabh S Sinha and John Field

Published in: RI09001 in 2009


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