Capacity Planning Tools for Web and Grid Environments

A key aspect in managing resources for customer sites is to predict and assess the load associated with a site in order to figure out how best to allocate resources for the site over time and to efficiently schedule tasks. The cost associated with the site and return on investment are also key parameters. This paper describes work we have done in developing tools for answering these critical questions. The tools use both analytical models and discrete event simulations to predict performance and analyze costs needed for handling a customer workload while satisfying the service level objectives. These tools provide capacity and load planning, performance simulation, and cost and financial analyses. Our tools have been used successfully by several major customers, and those experiences have shaped how the tools have evolved over time.

By: Sugato Bagchi; Eugene Hung; Arun Iyengar; Norbert Vogl; Noshir Wadia

Published in: RC23983 in 2006


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