Scaling Real-Time Telematics Applications Using Programmable Middleboxes: A Case Study in Traffic Prediction

Floating Car Data (FCD), i.e. traffic and in-car data collected and transmitted by moving cars, is an emerging telematics application providing a range of networked services to the road users. FCD is an example of a large sensor network, whose complexity increases with the number of session participants. Our work is examining how deploying application-specific functions in the network can help in scaling such systems. We have chosen to configure these functions on a dedicated device that is commonly called a middlebox. These middleboxes use programmable network processors in order to attain the required processing and forwarding speeds, while communicating with each other and back-end server using standard middleware components. We present our experience in using such a programmable middlebox in the scaling of a large telematics service, explaining how the middlebox fits into the end-to-end application.

By: A. Chen, N. Jain, A. Perniola, T. Pietraszek, S. Rooney, P. Scotton

Published in: Proceedings of 2004 1st IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference.Piscataway, NJ, , IEEE. , p.388-93 in 2004

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