IBM Research and the University of Colorado TREC 2003 Genomics Track

IBM Research and the University of Colorado collaborated on their submission to the inaugural Genomics track at TREC 2003. IBM Research has extensive experience in natural language processing, text analysis, and large-scale systems [9, 13, 3, 5, 16, 10]. IBM also has numerous research and business activities in the broad areas of bioinformatics and bio-medical information processing [14, 8]. IBM Research is currently developing BioTeKS, a middleware system for text analysis, mining, and information retrieval in the bio-medical domain. The University of Colorado (CU) has been working in the area of bioinformatics and text analysis in the bio-medical domain for a number of years and has made substantial contributions to the field [7, 11, 15, 12]. CU contributed their domain expertise to enhance the Bio-TeKS system and jointly we designed and evaluated experiments while preparing our track submissions.

By: Eric W. Brown, Andrew Dolbey, Lawrence Hunter

Published in: RC23056 in 2004


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