A Packet Data Service for CODIT UMTS

A packet data service for the CDMA-based UMTS developed in RACE-II project CODIT is described. Packet radio channels are established by the base station and time-shared by the mobile users. Mobile stations contend for uplink access using a slotted CSMA/CD protocol with exponential backoff to achieve stability. The MAC protocol has been formally specified in SDL permitting automatic generation of executable code. The performance of the CSMA/CD protocol is evaluated by analysis and simulation assuming Poisson-distributed access attempts. With 10-msec initial power ramping, a throughput of 60\% and a mean packet delay of 1 sec is achieved for a typical dialog-type packet service.

By: P. R. Chevillat, R. D. Cideciyan, M. Rupf and W. Schott

Published in: Proceedings of RACE Mobile Telecommunications Summit 1995. , unknown, vol.1, p.247-52 in 1995

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