Low-resistive, CMOS-compatible ohmic contact schemes to moderately doped n-InP

III-V laser integration on Si is seen as a promising path to overcome the current interconnect bottleneck in computing. Therefore, III-V lasers need to be integrated with a CMOS-compatible process flow. Moreover, parasitic elements of the lasers need to be minimized while preventing trade-offs to the lasing action (i.e. doping level in the 10^18 cm^3). One such parasitic element is the n-type ohmic contact on moderately-doped n-InP. A detailed study of Au-free contacts on n-InP including structural analysis has not yet been performed. To fill this gap, we will comprehensively report on various metal contacts on n-InP that reach a record-low median specific contact resistivity of 6 x 10^-8 Omega cm^2 and on contacts that show very shallow alloying behavior while still offering a specific contact resistivity in the very low 10^-7 Omega cm^2 range.

By: Herwig Hahn, Marilyne Sousa, Lukas Czornomaz

Published in: Journal of Physics. D. Applied Physics, volume 503, (no 3), pages 235102 in 2017


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