Quantifying Resiliency of IaaS Cloud

Cloud based services may experience changes – internal, external, large, small – at any time. Predicting and quantifying the effects on the quality-of-service during and after a change are important in the resiliency assessment of a cloud based service. In this paper, we quantify the resiliency of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud when subject to changes in demand and available capacity. Using a stochastic reward net based model for provisioning and servicing requests in a IaaS cloud, we quantify the resiliency of IaaS cloud w.r.t. two key performance measures – job rejection rate and provisioning response delay.

By: Rahul Ghosh; Francesco Longo; Vijay K. Naik; Kishor S. Trivedi

Published in: RC25037 in 2010


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