Synthesis of a Naphthodiazaborinine and Its Verification by Planarization with Atomic Force Microscopy

Aiming to study new motifs, potentially active as functional materials, we performed the synthesis of a naphthodiazaborinine (the BN isoster of the phenalenyl anion) that is bonded to a hindered di-ortho substituted aryl system (9-anthracene). We used atomic force microscopy (AFM) and succeed in both, the verification of the original non-planar structure of the molecule and the planarization of the skeleton by removing H atoms that cause steric hindrance. This study demonstrated that planarization by atomic manipulation is a possible route for extending molecular identification by AFM to nonplanar molecular systems that are difficult to be probed with AFM directly.

By: Zsolt Majzik, Ana B. Cuenca, Niko Pavlicek, Nuria Miralles, Gerhard Meyer, Leo Gross, Elena Fernandez

Published in: RZ3905 in 2016


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