120 Gb/s VCSEL-Based Parallel Optical Interconnect and Custom 120 Gb/s Testing Station

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A 120Gb/s optical link (12 channels at 10 Gb/s/ch, both a transmitter and an receiver) has been demonstrated. The link operated at a BER of less than 10-12 with all channels operating and with a total fiber length of 316 m which comprises 300m of next generation (OM-3) multimode fiber (MMF) plus 16m of standard grade MMF. This is the first time that a parallel link with this bandwidth at this per channel rate has ever been demonstrated. For the transmitter, a SiGe laser driver was combined with a GaAs VCSEL array. For the receiver, the signal from a GaAs photodiode array was amplified by a 12 channel SiGe receiver IC. Key to the demonstration were several custom testing tools, most notably a 12-channel pattern generator. The package is very similar to the commercial parallel modules that are available today, but the per-channel bit rate is three times higher than for the commercial modules. The new modules demonstrate the possibility of extending the parallel optical module technology that is available today into a distance*bandwidth regime that is unattainable for copper cables.

By: Daniel Kuchta, Young Kwark, Christian Schuster, Christian Baks, Chuck Haymes, Jeremy Schaub, Petar Pepeljugoski, Lei Shan, Richard John, Daniel Kucharski, Dennis Rogers, Mark Ritter, Jack Jewell, Luke Graham, Karl Schrödinger, Alexander Schild, Hans-Martin Rein

Published in: Journal of Lightwave Technology, volume 22, (no 9), pages 2200-12 in 2004


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