Simplified Authentication and Authorization for RESTful Services in Trusted Environments

In some trusted environments, such as an organization's intranet, local web services may be assumed to be trust-worthy. This property can be exploited to simplify authentication and authorization protocols between resource providers and consumers, lowering the threshold for developing services and clients. Existing security solutions for RESTful services, in contrast, support untrusted services, a complexity-increasing capability that is not needed on an intranet with only trusted services.
We propose a central security service with a lean API that handles both authentication and authorization for trusted RESTful services. A user trades credentials for a token that facilitates access to services. The services may query the security service for token authenticity and roles granted to a user. The system provides ne-grained access control at the level of resources, following the role-based access control (RBAC) model. Resources are identified by their URLs, making the authorization system generic. The mapping of roles to users resides with the central security service and depends on the resource to be accessed. The mapping of permissions to roles is implemented individually by the services. We rely on secure channels and the trusted intermediaries characteristic for intranets to simplify the protocols involved and to make the security features easy to use, cutting the number of required API calls in half.

By: Eric Brachmann, Gero Dittmann, Klaus-Dieter Schubert

Published in: RZ3813 in 2011


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