Dynamic Learning Experience: A System for Just-in-Time Learning

The report describes the work of a joint team of researchers and training practitioners who developed and validated Dynamic Learning Experience (DLE), a system for just-intime learning. DLE defines a novel approach to content re-use and a new delivery model. The team created a software tool and a methodology for turning technical manuals and informational presentations into modular learning objects. A Web-based learning environment was implemented and linked to the repository of learning objects. We tested the system in two pilot implementations within IBM, with very positive user feedback. We also conducted a controlled study and found that users of DLE performed significantly better on a work-related task than users of a standard search engine.

By: Robert Farrell; Ernest Fuller; Raymond O'Donnell; Yael Ravin; Steve Rolando; John C. Thomas

Published in: RC23662 in 2005


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