Design of a V.34 Modem for Real-Time Multitasking DSP Operating System

The ITU-T V.34 Recommendation for full-duplex data/fax transmission over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) combines several state-of-the-art coding and modulation techniques to achieve data throughputs close to the theoretical limits of voiceband channels. This paper addresses the design criteria for a V.34 data-pump task running on the same DSP chip concurrently with other tasks such a V.42bis data compression or voice compression. A V.34 data-pump architecture suitable for asymmetric symbol rates (i.e., different transmit and receive symbol rates) is presented. Methods for improving the efficiency of modern algorithms and for reducting the peak-to-average computational load are presented.

By: Fredy D. Neeser and Malcolm S. Ware

Published in: Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Signal Processing Applications and Technology. , Boston, DSP, vol.1, p.518-22 in 1997

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