User Collaborative Semantic Web Service Matching for Legacy Application Integration – A Case Study

Legacy application integration is often tedious and laborious. IT consultants do not have many tools at their disposal that can help them in their efforts. Semantics-based intelligent tools can alleviate some of the burden on IT consultants. In this paper we present the results of a case study on the application of our semantic Web service matching system to a real-world legacy application integration problem. Experimental results on our initial data sets indicate that the system on its own is able to achieve close to an average of 50% recall and 54% precision measures in matching the parameters that define the interfaces of business applications. Additional performance enhancements of up to 95% recall and 72% precision measures were achieved with the usage of domain ontologies created by an expert. Therefore, we believe a user working with a semantics-based intelligence tool could gain significant productivity enhancements in IT projects rather than working alone. These productivity enhancements can be quickly translated into savings in time and money in business process integration projects.

By: Hua Fang Tan; Rama Akkiraju; Anca-Andreea Ivan; Richard Goodwin; Diane Knappenberger

Published in: RC24424 in 2007


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