Globenet and RAISE: Intelligent Agents for Networked Newsgroups and Customer Service Support

The Globenet system, developed at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, performs knowledge-based retrieval and handling of newsgroup-like information from heterogeneous WAN sources. Users specify personal, rule-based intelligent agents that control the retrieval and handling done on their behalves. The work-in-progress version of Globenet is enhanced by piloting the RAISE class library, also developed at IBM Watson. RAISE stands for Reusable Agent Intelligence Software Environment. RAISE enables powerful rules and flexible inferencing, as well as smoothly integrated and extensible control of additional actions and tests. Reasoning is performed about both structured and unstructured attributes of newsgroup items/mail-messages. Structured attributes include those available from the message headers e.g. author and subject. Unstructured attributes include those available from message bodies as well, e.g., free-text conditions of the kind used in classical information retrival, such as boolean expressions in keywords and phrases.

By: Benjamin N. Grosof and Davis A. Foulger

Published in: RC20226 in 1995


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