BPSL Modeler - Visual Notation Language for Intuitive Business Property Reasoning

The urgent need for reliable business applications demands the emergence of a powerful yet easy-to-use language for business property reasoning. The Business Property Specification Language (BPSL) and its supporting tool (BPSL modeler) are presented to address the issue. BPSL modeler facilitates the specification and understanding of business properties by simplifying complex logics and common behaviors in business processes and exploiting intuitive notations for property representation. It also absorbs existing knowledge in the practices and researches in business domain so as to make BPSL modeler tailored for the application in business domains. Important ideas and features of BPSL modeler, together with the syntax and formal semantics are provided to help understand its effectiveness.

By: Xu Ke; Liu Ying; Wu Cheng

Published in: RC23830 in 2005


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