Tempo--A Simple Time-Sensitive Messaging System

Tempo is a messaging system designed for timesensitive applications that require low-latency and high data rates. In Tempo, unlike existing real-time messaging systems, most of the policy is delegated by the messaging layer to the application. It is the application’s responsibility to react to information supplied by the messaging layer in order to achieve some performance objective; this makes Tempo suitable for use in environments which must reconfigure often and hence in which the normal Real-Time techniques such as Worst Case Execution Time analysis would be impossible or prohibitively expensive.

By: Daniel Bauer; Luis Garces-Erice; Sean Rooney

Published in: Proc. IEEE Workshop on Automatic Computing and Network Management "ACNM '07," Munich, Germany, May 2007, R. Boutaba, M. Brunner, S. Schmid (Eds.), New York, IEEE, p.1 in 2007


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