High Performance Viterbi Decoder on Cell/B.E.

Viterbi decoding is widely used in many radio systems. Because of the large computation complexity, it is usually implemented with ASIC chips, FPGA, or optimized hardware accelerators. With the rapid development of the multicore technology, the multicore platforms become a reasonable choice for the software radio (SR) systems. The Cell Broadband Engine processor is a state-of-art multi-core platform designed by Sony, Toshiba, and IBM. In this paper, we present a 64-state soft input viterbi decoder for WiMAX SR Baseband system based on the Cell processor. With one SPE running at 3.2GHz, the viterbi decoder can achieve the throughput up to 30Mb/s to decode the tail-biting convolutional code. The performance demonstrates that the proposed Viterbi decoding implementation is very efficient. Moreover, the viterbi decoder can be easily integrated to the SR system and can provide a highly integrated SR solution. The optimization methodology in this module design can be extended to other modules on CELL platform

By: Junjie Lai; Jianwen Chen

Published in: RC24644 in 2008


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