This report describes how to use a Slot Grammar (SG) parser in applications, and provides details on an API. There is a companion report, “The Slot Grammar Lexical Formalism”. Both reports are written in a fairly self-contained way. The current one can serve as an introduction to Slot Grammar and as a kind of user guide. Topics covered include: (a) An overview of SG analysis and parse displays. (b) The use of SG in interactive mode, including an editor-based interactive mode. (c) The use of SG on whole documents, or collections of documents. (d) Descriptions and inventories of SG slots and features – both morphosyntactic features and semantic types. (e) Controlling the behavior of the parser with flag settings. (f) Tag handling and annotation methods for named entities and other text chunks. (g) The parse tree data structures. (h) The API and compilation of SG-based applications. (i) Handling user lexicons.

By: Michael C. McCord

Published in: RC23978 REVISED in 2010


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