Local Determination of the Stacking-Sequence of Layered Materials

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The ability to modify the stacking sequence of ultrathin films offers a unique way to change either the interaction strength or the doping, but demands a careful control of each atomic monolayer. Progress is hampered by the lack of a direct method that allows differentiation on a local scale between the various terminating layers of a crystal. Here, the combination of a vacuum annealing process and friction force microscopy reveals this local distinction on a SrTiO(3) surface. Using the friction contrast, we find how the terminating layer of a single crystal profoundly influences the terrace edge structure.

By: J. Fompeyrine, R. Berger, H. P. Lang, J. Perret, E. Machler, C. Gerber, J. P. Locquet

Published in: Applied Physics Letters, volume 71, (no 14), pages 1697-9 in 1998

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