Techniques for Integrating Sensors into the Enterprise Network

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Cheap programmable sensor devices are becoming commercially available. They offer the possibility of transforming existing enterprise applications and enabling entirely new ones. The merging of sensor networks into the enterprise network poses some distinct problems. In particular, information from theses devices must be obtained in a way which minimizes their energy use and must be aggregated and filtered before being sent to the application server to prevent it from being overwhelmed. We describe a range of complementary techniques for integrating sensors into an enterprise network. These comprise new architectural entities within the enterprise networkedge server new means of sharing information within the enterprise networkmessaging binningand new protocols for extracting information from the sensor networkMesso.

By: Sean Rooney; Daniel Bauer; Paolo Scotton

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, volume 3, (no 1), pages 43 in 2006


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