Claim Synthesis via Predicate Recycling

Computational Argumentation has two main goals - the detection and analysis of arguments on the one hand, and the synthesis of arguments on the other. Much attention has been given to the former, but considerably less to the latter.

A key component in synthesizing arguments is the synthesis of claims. One way to do so is by employing argumentation mining to detect claims within an appropriate corpus. In general, this appears to be a hard problem. Thus, it is interesting to explore if - for the sake of synthesis - there may be other ways to generate claims.

Here we explore such a method: we extract the predicate of simple, manually-detected, claims, and attempt to generate novel claims from them. Surprisingly, this simple method yields fairly good results.

By: Yonatan Bilu, Noam Slonim

Published in: H-0325 in 2016


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