Clome: The Practical Implications of a Cloud-Based Smart Home

A rich body of work in recent years has advocated the use of cloud technologies within a home environment, but nothing has materialized so far in terms of real-world implementations. In this paper, we argue that this is due to the fact that none of these proposals have addressed some of the practical challenges of moving home applications to the cloud. Specifically, we discuss the pragmatic implications of moving to the cloud including, data and information security, increase in network traffic, and fault tolerance. To elicit discussion, we take a clean-slate approach and introduce a proof-of-concept smart home, dubbed Clome1 , that decouples non-trivial computation from home applications and transfers it to the cloud. We also discuss how a Clome-like smart home with decentralized processing and storage can be enabled through OpenFlow programmable switches, home-centric programming platforms, and thin-client computing.

By: Zubair Nabi, Atif Alvi

Published in: RC25462 in 2014


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